Crytek Giving The Monkey His Minigun Back?

The news many of us (me) have been waiting (dying) to hear has finally stirred into existence; Crytek are supposedly in talks with a handful of publishers about that elephant in the room ‘TimeSplitters’. It would appear that the developers are still thinking about that amazing franchise and the top notch team behind it, the team that is now actually a part of Crytek studios.

So while the big boys chat about things and throw around words like ‘money’ ‘market’ and ‘audience’, we the fans could probably help grease the wheels of the might-be contract by alerting them that we are very eager for the next-generation TimeSplitters to explode into the world. Fancy dressing up in monkey costumes anyone? Just me then…

The Free Radical team (now called Crytek UK) are currently working hard on the multiplayer for upcoming title Crysis 2. Popular speculation has been that Crytek are giving the ex-Free Radical team a test by letting them sprinkle their multiplayer magic on the hugely anticipated sequel to the first Crysis game, and from what we’ve seen they’re doing a damn fine job with it. It would appear that Free Radical haven’t lost any of their dexterity and genius.

Now before fans get too excited I should mention that the managing director at Crytek, Karl Hamilton is ready to start work on a completely new IP if that is what the publisher’s want, instead of re-booting the dust covered franchise that is TimeSplitters. So it all depends on what passes behind closed doors over the next few days, and with a devilish stroke of luck they might just make the deal that so many people have been dreaming about since those first teaser videos.

If the engines of fate are on our side and an agreement is signed, this game could storm the market like a honey covered weasel running into a pack of hungry wolves. I dearly hope the outcome involves TimeSplitters, but even if we do end up with a new IP I’m sure it will still be worth picking up.

For those of you who don’t know why this is such good news, check out our previous feature.