Cuphead’s ‘30s Animated Action Available 2016, Exclusive To Xbox One


Using the Microsoft Press Conference as another opportunity to showoff its eye-popping art style, and announce the title as an Xbox One console exclusive, indie platformer Cuphead served up a brand new trailer at E3 this morning. In addition to new gameplay, the trailer sets up the story for Cuphead, which sees the titular boy with a beverage for a noggin, along with pal Mugman, losing a bet with the devil, and entering his service.

How exactly does one pay back Satan himself? Unclear, but it will involve co-op, side-scrolling shooter action of an Alien Hominid bullet hell variety. When you’re actually playing the game can almost seem unclear, as Cuphead’s ‘30s inspired art assets continue to amaze with the smoothness of motion, and level of detail. How many frames went into that frog with boxing gloves warming up?

If the math at the end of the above trailer checks out, you’ll have to wait until 2016 to get your hands on Cuphead.