Curve Studios Plans To Bring Stealth Inc. 2 To Wii U In October


Curve Studios, the publisher behind prolific indie titles such as Proteus and Thomas Was Alone, has announced plans to bring its latest title, Stealth Inc. 2, to the Wii U this October.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, the game’s design director, Jonathan Biddle, narrowed the release window to October based on the projected rate of progress and approval ratings. Of course, this targeted launch is subject to change, and the studio didn’t reveal a specific release date for the anticipated sequel at this time.

That said, Biddle did allude to what we can expect for Stealth Inc. 2 come release. For one, the game will build upon the community features found in its predecessor by allowing players to mould and share bespoke death traps. Moreover, the tactile platformer will work in tandem with Nintendo’s Miiverse to allow budding clones to post helpful (read: deceitful) messages in the environment in the vein of Dark Souls.

To the surprise of many, Curve Studios confirmed last month that Stealth Inc. 2 will be a Wii U exclusive, pointing to the console’s sparse digital library as an opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the competition. In an interview with CVG, the publisher outlined the economic potential of Nintendo’s eShop store.

“There isn’t much competition on Nintendo’s store, so we thought that commercially it’s a really good opportunity for us. Nintendo has sold a few million Wii Us too, so the audience is there. We want to see what the market is like. We want to test it.”

While it’s unclear exactly when Stealth Inc. 2 will infiltrate Nintendo’s Wii U, according to Curve, owners of the struggling hardware can look forward to the stealth-infused follow-up this October.