Cute Things Dying Violently Now Available On PC And Mobile


Approximately three years after it was greenlit on Steam, Cute Things Dying Violently is now fully available for PC and mobile devices. It’s a much wider audience than initially thought for a game that comes with a very “does what it says on the tin” approach to its gameplay, as it literally involves cute things, dying violently.

It’s a simple premise, of course, but just why might players want to participate in such brutality? Developers ApathyWorks have a pretty straightforward answer to that question:

We’ve all had one of those days when we want to see something disgustingly cute get sliced, diced, and burned to a crisp. It’s not just me…right? Cute Things Dying Violently is all about saving a bunch of hapless Critters. Launch them around to get them safely out of each level. Dodge lethal spikes, buzzsaws, fire, and hateful robots. And, if a few dozen (or hundred) of them get turned into charred, smoking husks in your attempt to save them… there’s the old saying about omelettes and breaking eggs. Broken, bloody eggs.

So the goal isn’t entirely to be the one responsible for the unfortunate downfall of the various creatures, but it certainly seems the developers are more than willing to give their players plenty of ammunition to do just that if they so wish!

It’s quite the departure for gamers in a world where saving all the critters is the aim of the game, but hey; what’s the harm in having a little gratuitous fun once in a while?!

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