Cyberpunk 2077 Fans Petitioning For The Return Of Cut Content

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 players aren’t just fed up with the game’s controversial technical performance, it would seem.

For those exploring every nook and cranny of Night City on PC, in fact, performance issues are far less commonplace, though all platforms share disappointment regarding the lifeless nature of its streets and amenities. Populated with an eclectic range of NPCs the sprawling metropolis may be, but Brain Dance stores, Ripperdocs and nightclubs, to name just a few, all feel so disconnected from the player’s in-world avatar V that the term ‘wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle’ has become a frequent descriptor of its interactive (or lack thereof) nature.

That being the case, some fans have taken it upon themselves not only to petition CDPR for the introduction of more gameplay options, but the return of content they believe to have been cut from the initial launch version. Over on, user KaiDie KaiDie has started a campaign to have exactly that restored via post-launch patches, with its initial goal of 5,000 signatures on the cusp of being met.

In the unlikely scenario that KaiDie’s list of demands are taken into consideration, they’ve drafted a list of priorities for what should be amended first, most of which involve adding animations for sitting, eating and drinking at the numerous food stalls and bars present throughout the city. Other requests include more Joytoys, the ability to put weapon collections on display and Brain Dances that aren’t exclusive to the central campaign. More apartments and a functioning train/monorail system are also mentioned, the latter of which is believed to have been replaced prior to launch with a rudimentary fast travel system accessed via kiosks.

Is there anything not mentioned above that you think should be added to the list of sorely-needed Cyberpunk 2077 features? Let us know in the usual place below!