Cyberpunk 2077 Leak Reveals First Multiplayer Details

Cyberpunk 2077

Thanks largely to the controversial state in which Cyberpunk 2077 launched, CD Projekt RED has had no choice but to delay the title’s multiplayer portion. The developer warned even prior to release, of course, that the feature wasn’t going to be ready on day one, though with no date to speak of yet, it’s certainly looking likely that fans of Night City have a long wait ahead of them before being able to team up.

Some players, on the other hand, have already given up attempting to exercise patience and gone digging in Cyberpunk 2077‘s game files, in the process revealing a ton of new information about what to expect when the complimentary online experience arrives in the (hopefully) not too distant future. Attributing the leak to an anonymous source, DSOGaming has provided a full breakdown of the files shared with them, including names for two separate modes: Heists and Deathmatch.

The latter of these will undoubtedly be familiar to anyone with even passing knowledge of online first-person shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, but what of the former? Well, according to the leaker, Heists are essentially single player quests able to be undertaken by multiple human-controlled mercenaries at once and could even involve a preliminary stage where matched lobbies are tasked with congregating in the open world.

Sadly, little else regarding moment to moment gameplay is decipherable from the shared assets, as most are either unexciting executables or modifiers that supposedly allow players to alter the parameters of a mission. With that said, however, the mode’s name alone implies it’ll revolve around stealing valuables from some of Night City’s richest inhabitants. Direct comparisons with Grand Theft Auto Online‘s own missions of the same name are inevitable, though it’s far too early to say whether the two will share much in common.

While we wait to learn more, let us know what you think Cyberpunk 2077‘s online functions will consist of in the usual place below!