Cyberpunk-Themed Leap Of Fate Is Now Available Through Steam Store


Cyberpunk-themed roguelike Leap of Fate is now available through the Steam and Humble stores, following a successful Early Access period. The husband-and-wife team at Clever-Plays developed this as their very first title as they attempt to shake the genre up with a narrative-driven experience.

Featuring four playable characters, each with a diverse style and story, Leap of Fate puts players into the daunting arena of facing their own fears and trials rather than relying on a narrative that’s simply driven by one villain.

Speaking of the narrative development, lead developer Mattieu Bégin explained the following:

With Leap of Fate we wanted to make a fresh roguelike with more narrative substance; there’s no main evil guy to defeat, it’s about overcoming your own fears, discovering your own fate. For me, it’s the culmination of a decades-long journey, from making tabletop RPGs and board games as a child to running an independent games studio today.

Leap of Fate takes place in an alternate version of New York City where magic is real and players will have to develop unspeakable powers to confront the Crucible of Fates. There are over a hundred powers and abilities to play with and more than a hundred randomly-placed enemies throughout the different stages. There’s even a tarot card game – the Deck of Fates – that you’ll have to manoeuvre to determine each generated level.

Leap of Fate is available through the Steam and Humble stores for $15.99.