Dambuster Has Big Plans For Free Homefront: The Revolution DLC, Closed Beta Hits Xbox One In February



Developer Dambuster Studios has teased big plans for Homefront: The Revolution‘s post-launch support, claiming that it plans to release free DLC for the sequel “for at least a year.”

That’s according to Game Designer Fasahat Salim, who spoke to GameSpot about the upcoming release – itself emerging from a troubled and prolonged production – and began by clarifying that the controversial in-game monentization options are in no way designed to invoke a “pay-to-win” system.

“It’s absolutely not a pay-to-win system because everything we’re providing in these resistance crates is available for free in the game through normal play. All we’re offering is, for those players that don’t necessarily have the time to invest in the game, to unlock those cool things. It’s basically just a time saver for them; a shortcut to unlocking these thing. They pay a little bit of money but they’re not getting anything that’s exclusive to them.”

Situated in a ravaged and occupied version of near-future Philadelphia, Homefront: The Revolution places a heavy emphasis on guerrilla warfare across its campaign. But the content doesn’t begin and end with what’s included on day one, with Salim going on to reveal that Dambuster is prepared to drip-feed new missions and the like for up to a year.

“Everything that’s available in the game is available for free, and even after release we’re going to continue to be delivering missions, drip-feeding them into the community for at least a year. There’s always going to be new content delivered for free, players are going to have lots of stuff to dig their teeth into.”

Homefront: The Revolution has been pegged to launch across PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on May 17 in North America. Those in possession of the latter console can sign up to participate in next month’s beta via the game’s official website.

Source: GameSpot

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