Danganronpa 1•2 Reload Annnounced For PlayStation 4


NIS America’s Danganronpa series has received a good amount of critical praise, but as its original North American releases were exclusive to the unpopular PS Vita, many gamers interested in playing Spike Chunsoft’s twisted murder mysteries have been out of luck. Recent PC ports of the first two games have helped, but for interested players limited to home consoles, another opportunity will be available in early 2017 via Danganronpa 1•2 Reload, a just-announced PlayStation 4 compilation.

Packing both Trigger Happy Havoc and its sequel Goodbye Despair into one convenient package, NIS is also offering a limited edition bundle through its web store. Early adopters will land a hardcover art book, 2-disc soundtrack, sunglasses, a sticker, a coin based on the series’ iconic villain Monokuma, and a collector’s box for the whole package.


Outside of an announcement trailer showcasing art and cutscenes from the games, no additional info has yet been provided for the ports, making it seem unlikely that they will offer any substantial new features outside of a presumed bump in resolution. There’s also no sign of the series’ latest entry, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, which remains a Vita exclusive. Still, it will likely serve as a good jumping-on point for fans of Sony’s current console, as the series’ dark and creative plots and gripping Ace Attorney-inspired gameplay have helped it develop a sizable fanbase.

Outside of remasters, the Danganronpa franchise is still going strong, with a recent anime TV series wrapping up the games’ overarching story in preparation for the third traditional entry, currently scheduled for a January 2017 Japanese release on the PS4 & Vita.