New Danganronpa 3 Details Revealed


The Danganronpa series made a big first impression for many PS Vita owners when both main titles from the series made their debut in 2014, and while fans have had Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls recently to keep them busy, the big question has been regarding the inevitable third main entry. Developer Spike Chunsoft already confirmed the third game several months ago, but recently offered some of the first details on the game.

The Japanese title, which will be on PS Vita as well as the series’ first appearance on the PlayStation 4, will be New Danganronpa V3, and is confirmed to release in Japan next year.

Storywise, the game will be a major departure from the previous instalments, as it will apparently have little or nothing to do with them, likely either taking place at a different point in history or becoming a complete reboot. The newest teaser trailer, which can be viewed above, mostly offers a lot of Japanese text, but also gives us our first look at three of the new characters, with a more robotic-looking male possibly serving as the new protagonist.

The first new gameplay mechanic for the infamous Trial sections has also been confirmed in the form of bluffing, which will require players to sometimes lie in order to beat arguments from other characters.

Fans hoping for more adventures with the existing cast won’t be entirely out of luck, as an anime called Danganronpa: The End of Hope’s Peak will be released to coincide with the new game, which will supposedly end the ongoing plot the series has been building up to this point. A translated statement from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu claims that the anime will “satisfy fans of the series using tricks that can only be done in anime.”

This isn’t the first time the series has done something like this, as a 13-episode adaptation of the first game was previously released, but apparently the story this time around will be completely original.

We will continue to post more updates on the Danganronpa series as they become available, so stay tuned!