New Screenshots For Danganronpa Another Episode Hit The Web

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls isn’t far off from its September 1 North American release on the PS Vita, and today, publisher NIS America has provided more screenshots and details on some key gameplay components.

The spinoff, which will primarily focus on action-filled gameplay instead of the adventure game and visual novel trappings of previous entries, will sport numerous new forms of the series’ antagonist Monokuma to take on, as well as a new use for one of the franchise’s trademark features, Truth Bullets. The bullets will be special items that can be used on enemies by lead protagonist Komaru Naegi, and include Break, Burn, Dance, Detect, Knockback, Link, Move, and Paralyze moves.

Along with this news comes a selection of promotional screenshots, both showcasing the new Monokuma forms and the Truth Bullet abilities. You can view them in the gallery above.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on Danganrona Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls as more news drops, so stay tuned.