First Gameplay Trailer Released For Anarchic Sports Game Dangerous Golf


Three Fields Entertainment’s sports game with a twist, Dangerous Golf, has gotten its first gameplay trailer ahead of release. Living up to its name, the trailer showcases the sorts of destruction players will be causing in various locations in an effort to cause as much damage as possible. Three Fields says there will be a variety of different courses for you to smash to pieces, but for the trailer, they’ve opted to use the Kitchen stage.

The video description reveals several new tidbits of information, too. At least three modes will be available on launch, including a World Tour (presumably a campaign mode), Co-Op Tour and Party Golf – which will support up to 8 players.

Play through a variety of indoor courses – make a mess in the Kitchen, wreak havoc in a Palace, cause chaos in a Castle and set fire to a Gas Station. Rack up scores by causing as much damage and destruction as possible. Fire off a SmashBreaker. Blast the ball into the hole with an outrageous Trickshot. Set off on a World Tour, play co-operatively in Co-Op World Tour mode, or try Party Golf with up to 8 Players.

Former Criterion employee and studio head Alex Ward said back during Dangerous Golf‘s announcement that the development team wanted to tap into the same sort of magic that makes the Burnout and NBA Jam series so enjoyable.

We wanted to mix the attitude of Burnout with the destruction of Black whilst setting the golf ball on fire. It’s very inspired by NBA Jam, which is a great, great sports game and something I still think about a lot. Obviously you’re going to set the ball on fire and cause a load of destruction. It’s just fun and silly and different, and it might be strangely familiar to some people who know our stuff.

Dangerous Golf will see a digital-only release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in June. The extreme sports title had originally been planned for release in May, but suffered a one month delay for unspecified reasons.