New DARK Screenshots Make You Wonder If Vampires Are Still Cool

We were first introduced to DARK way back in May, but Kalypso Media has been pretty tight lipped about the new IP since then. Today, we were surprised with some brand new screenshots. In fact, you could say they came right out of the DARK. (Self-referential humor… is this really what I’m doing with my life?)

While the cel-shaded screen shots are all well and fine, I personally was hoping for a bit more after 6 months of dead silence. I’ve had high hopes for the title since I first caught wind of it, but these shots just look a bit…. well, dull to be perfectly honest. The locations seem fairly bland and the over emphasis on bloom here, especially in the last picture, doesn’t exactly do much to build up excitement.

Here’s hoping that Kalypso Media can show us a bit more in the near future. As it looks right now, DARK looks less like Vampire: The Masquearde and more like The Sims: Twilight.