Dark Souls III May Be Announced At E3


That’s right, your nightmares aren’t over yet. A report over on Polygon suggests that the potential trilogy-maker will be officially announced at this year’s E3, the gaming industry’s biggest and most important exhibition on the event calendar.

If that info wasn’t enough on its own to get your mouth watering at the prospect of another crushingly-difficult Souls game, then consider this. Hidetaka Miyazaki – the legendary director behind both the first Dark Souls and the recently-released Bloodborne – is reportedly set to reprise that same position for Dark Souls III after being largely absent for the second game.

Dark Souls II, despite the warm reception it received back in March of last year, didn’t receive the same level of critical adoration as its predecessor, with many fans criticizing its disjointed-feeling world as being a result of Miyazaki’s departure. Still, there’s never been a better time to be a Souls fan. Both Bloodborne and From Software’s next-gen update of Dark Souls II – Scholar Of The First Sin – have been keeping everyone busy since their respective releases back in March, but one can never have too much. Now all we need is an HD update of Demon’s Souls.

Tell us, are you excited to die all over again with a potential Dark Souls III, or are you ready to retire from their unforgiving worlds? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Polygon