Dark Souls Creator Doubts Streamer Who Says He Completed It Flawlessly


Following the news that Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hobbit managed to complete the first Dark Souls without taking a single point of damage, series director Hidetaka Miyazaki has responded to news of the impressive accomplishment by calling it an “elaborate rumour.”

It’s not entirely clear whether Miyazaki is being completely serious in the interview with Wired, but when asked to comment on the stream (which is still available to watch here), he said:

I don’t believe the player who says he completed the original Dark Souls without taking a hit — it would be amazing but I think it’s just an elaborate rumour!

He continues to make mention of other self-imposed restrictions players have placed upon themselves in an effort to make Dark Souls more difficult, including one where a streamer managed to complete the entire game using only a Guitar Hero controller. You know, that one that’s shaped like a guitar.

Some of the stuff the community has done, collaborating on Twitch, or playing with Guitar Hero controllers, is incredible though. I’ve been very happy to see that kind of creativity. I don’t think I’d ever put in trophies or anything to instigate a particularly strange play style though.

Perhaps the most interesting challenge of its kind to date was the TwitchPlaysDark collective effort, which tasked thousands of concurrent players with inputting commands in an effort to control and beat the game collaboratively. It took a total of 43 days to achieve.

The lesson to learn from all of this? Never underestimate the creativity of the Dark Souls community. In other news, Dark Souls III is due to release in just two weeks time on April 12 for North America and Europe, with Japan seeing it released last week. We’ll have our review for you shortly, so be sure to stay tuned.