Dark Souls II Dev Responds To Graphics Complaints


Despite netting mainly positive attention from critics so far, Dark Souls II has garnered a bit of flack for its supposedly “downgraded” visuals. It’s not that the game doesn’t look nice, say these complainers, but that its fidelity on consoles has been lessened from what was seen in preview builds before the game’s release.

MCV managed to get a statement out of developer From Software, who attributes the difference (if any) to standard tweaks and adjustments that all developers have to ultimately decide on.

A developer is always challenged with creating the most rewarding gaming experience while delivering continuity in graphical quality, gameplay dynamics, and balance within the game. The final version of Dark Souls II displays the culmination of this delicate balance and we’re very proud of the positive media and fan reception for the game.

Though it’s likely there’s merit to what the rogue graphics crusaders are saying, it’s questionable whether or not they’re bringing attention to something that most games go through. There’s even a comparison video, and in some examples the differences are, admittedly, quite clear. Still, nobody has reported that Dark Souls II is an ugly game, and playing through it myself right now, I tend to agree.

For more, be sure to check out our review of the game (which we scored very favorably, I might add), and read up on the graphics while you’re there. Though the in-game visuals “don’t quite achieve the same heights” as its stellar opening cutscene, there were plenty of moments that left our reviewer “speechless.” If you’re still not happy, just wait for the PC version.

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