Dark Souls III Will Bring The Pain To North America In April 2016

dark souls iii roll

Earlier this week we found out that Dark Souls III would be coming to Japan in March 2016. While that is well and good, many were left wondering when Bandai Namco would announce when the sequel would come to North America. Turns out, we didn’t have to wait long, as the studio has revealed that the title will launch in North and South America in April 2016.

As the latest iteration of the popular franchise, Dark Souls III is poised to feature the deepest role-playing experience found in the series so far. To help provide additional depth to the gameplay, Bandai Namco is introducing a new combat mechanic known as skills. Players will be able to use skills to add assorted modifiers to each weapon they are currently using. Of course, the gameplay of the franchise hardly needed improvement, but a little more depth never hurt anyone.


While this is not an exact release date, at least we have a general idea of when Dark Souls III will bring its punishing gameplay stateside. What hasn’t been announced yet, though, is whether or not Bandai Namco will bring the previously revealed special edition to America, as well. It would be strange if it didn’t, but I figure we’ll hear more about this edition later in the year.

Dark Souls III is now scheduled to launch April 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.