Dark Souls III Gameplay Trailer Is Brimming With Gnarly Boss Fights


Death, taxes and dying horribly in From Software’s Dark Souls franchise – few things in life are as certain. Already available in Japan, From Software and publisher Bandai Namco currently have all hands at the pump as Dark Souls III readies itself for a western premiere, with a new trailer emerging from the shadows to sate our collective appetites.

This time around, gameplay takes center stage, bouncing off yesterday’s brooding Japanese launch trailer. And as this is a product from the mind of Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, the end result is an atmospheric sizzle reel that is Dark Souls down to its putrid core.

That means a nightmarish cavalcade of boss encounters, from building-size crabs gobbling up our weary protagonist to an elusive basilisk ready to ensnare any wayward soul at a moment’s notice. It is, ultimately, exactly what fans of the franchise crave, and all signs point to Dark Souls III releasing as another competent, tough-as-nails entry into From’s cult series.

Ready to go toe-to-toe with the Lords of Cinder? Dark Souls III will lay siege to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – and our spare time – come April 12.