Dark Souls III Has Shipped An Impressive 3 Million Units Since Launch


Dark Souls III has now shipped more than three million copies worldwide, publisher Namco Bandai has announced in a recent statement. The sales figures, translated by Gematsu, break down sales by region, with Japan accounting for 500,000 copies, North America 1.5 million and Europe 1 million, no doubt pleasing From Software and Namco to no end.

The good news continues though. Namco has confirmed that total sales across all three games (Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls not included) now stand at 13 million, a triumphant result for series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team.

But what’s next for Souls? Miyazaki has repeatedly stated that Dark Souls III is the last in the series for the foreseeable future, as he wants to try his hand at new projects going forward. However, Namco Bandai will undoubtedly want to keep the sequels coming, based on its continued popularity, but who knows what the future holds?

If a Dark Souls 4 ever happens, both parties would do well to let the series rest for a while as a way to avoid fatigue and let new ideas grow, but how about a Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls remaster in the meantime? The former title especially, is only playable on the PlayStation 3, and with the PlayStation 4 having no backwards compatibility, getting hold of all the necessary kit to play it can prove to be rather difficult.

Here’s to hoping.