Dark Souls III Officially Announced; Early 2016 Release Date Confirmed


So, it’s finally official – Dark Souls III is as real as we all suspected, and you don’t even have to wait that long for it. The official announcement came at Microsoft’s E3 conference, but sadly, it didn’t arrive with any gameplay.

We did, however, get a trailer showing off some of the beautifully dark and Gothic locations that we’ll potentially be visiting, with one among them looking suspiciously similar to Anor Londo’s grand cathedral from the first game. Opening with the provocative line “…Only embers remain,” the trailer gives us the biggest piece of evidence yet that Dark Souls III will be a sequel to the first two games and not a prequel.

Take a look at the footage above and let us know your thoughts on Dark Souls III. Do you think it’s coming too soon after Dark Souls II, or can you never get enough Souls?