Dark Souls-Inspired Necropolis Will Now Be Published By Bandai Namco


Dark Souls-inspired indie game Necropolis will now be published by Bandai Namco on consoles, developer Harebrained Schemes has announced. Originally due to release in March for PC only, Harebrained have since revealed that the title is now coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, too, due at some point in the Summer.

Harebrained president Mitch Gitelman also confirmed that the PC version of the game has been delayed from its original March release date to sit alongside the later date set for consoles, citing that the latter will take additional work to get right.

While we really hate to slip a release date, we know from experience that doing a console release right adds a significant amount of development work. So we believe this is absolutely the right decision.

PC players will understandably be a little dismayed at the news of the delay, but the extra time to ensure the game is enjoyed by a bigger audience will surely only be a good thing in the long-term.

Besides, with Dark Souls III‘s April release date edging ever-closer, the new Summer release date will ensure the two don’t have to compete for your time, something that Bandai Namco (who are publishing both) are probably keen to avoid.

Besides the similar combat system and controls to Dark Souls, Necropolis includes elements from roguelikes (you have one life) and will include a four-player co-op mode for those that need a little bit of extra help when facing the game’s challenges.

Source: Polygon

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