Steamforged Games To Create A Dark Souls Board Game


Whew boy, it seems that the Dark Souls series is inching ever closer to being a multimedia franchise every day. Animated short films, comics and hype-destroying clothing lines are just some of the things released and announced since the series’ creation, and now you can add board games to the list too, hopefully.

Tabletop and Dark Souls enthusiasts will probably be wondering if this news is just a dream: we can assure you it’s not – but there’s no guarantee that it will actually see the light of day just yet.

The announcement by Steamforged on its website reveals that they’ll be working with Bandai Namco Entertainment to create the game and that the product will be launched on Kickstarter sometime this month.

The teaser reads:

Steamforged Games is proud to announce we will be working with Bandai Namco Entertainment, developing an exciting board game for the Dark Souls universe.

As Dark Souls fans, we could not be more excited to be given the honour of developing a board game that embraces everything that makes Dark Souls the deep, compelling game experience that it is.

The Dark Souls board game will be launched on Kickstarter during April 2016.

There’s every chance the crowd-funding campaign could fall short of its goal, but who are we kidding? This thing is going to get pledges and backers at a speed the likes of which we haven’t seen since Shenmue III‘s Kickstarter last year.