This Is Why The Dark Zone Is Such A Dangerous Place In The Division


We entered the Dark Zone at E3 without knowing exactly what awaited us on the other side, let alone its background. Now, almost a month later, we’ve been made privy to its details, thanks to Ubisoft’s newest trailer for The Division.

Explaining the Dark Zone as a quarantined area set in the middle of Manhattan, this moving comic tells a very dark tale of a virus-based apocalypse. In doing so, it mystifies the enclosed area, and makes claiming its wares a priority for many.

After all, the virus may have destroyed those who dared stay inside its walls, but they left behind a shitload of great loot for players to plunder. That is, if they can manage to combat all threats and escape to safety.

The Division will bring the Dark Zone to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 8th, 2016.