Darksiders II – Check Out Vigil Games’ Crucible Mode Walkthrough


During the early portion of this week, THQ revealed the Crucible, a separate arena mode found inside of Darksiders II. Consisting of one hundred increasingly difficult waves of foes, it will offer fans a daunting challenge that only the greatest of all digital warriors will survive. However, those who try will be seeking not only glory, but also loot, as randomly generated items will be made available after each set of five completed waves.

If you read our last related post, then the above-mentioned information is old hat to you, but that’s not why this article exists. It’s here because Vigil Games’ lead combat designer, Ben Cureton, has released a narrated gameplay video that details the Crucible and what it entails.

Darksiders II is almost upon us, as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game will become available through North American retailers starting this Tuesday, August 14.

Please note that you will need to pick up a brand new copy of the game in order to access the Crucible and its content, because the mode must be unlocked through the redemption of a one-time use pass. Those who buy a used copy will have to fork over ten dollars to their digital marketplace of choice in order to unlock the arena.

Make sure to check back on Tuesday, which is when our detailed review will go live.


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