Dave Bautista Is Officially Coming To Gears 5


If you didn’t know, Gears 5 is shockingly close to release. I personally haven’t seen a ton of advertising for it, even when I was at E3 this summer. However, I think the game just got the biggest pre-release bump it’s going to get with this sincerely satisfying news: Dave Bautista’s going to be playable in Gears 5 after September 15th. We kid you not.

For years, fan have been clamoring for this perfect bit of casting. Many folks had said the game’s previous protagonist, a mister Marcus Fenix, looked like the former pro wrestler. I guess we’re skipping over that though and just going for the real thing. Not a bad move, either, considering Fenix is going to be in the game as an old fart who can still chainsaw a mean locust-man thing with ease.

Information about actually playing as Bautista seems sparse for now, with few hard details available outside of the date. For more, though, you can consult the Tweet down below:

Something to note here: the character is named Batista, which is Dave’s former wrestling name. Maybe he’ll be playing an amped-up version of himself, then? The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson said that Bautista was “a lot of fun to work with in the VO booth,” which definitely makes it seem like the former wrestler is really going to cut loose. Dave has always been angling for a role in that supposed Gears of War movie, too, so maybe this will help with that? Fingers crossed.

In any case, Batista isn’t Gears 5‘s first announced extra character, as the Terminator is going to be in the game, too. The T-800 really seems to be getting around lately, eh? I’m also genuinely waiting for an Ash from Evil Dead reveal trailer at this point.

Anyways, with all these additions, plus the hiatus we’ve had since the last installment, it’s looking like Gears 5 may certainly be worth a look when it drops on September 6th.