David Jaffe’s Drawn To Death Is A PS4 Exclusive


We’ve all come across the kid who loves to doodle. He’s the one who always sits (or sat, depending on our ages) at the back of the class, doodling his time away while the teacher spoke about things like geometry, trigonometry and history. Or, maybe you were that kid.

David Jaffe’s latest — dubbed Drawn to Death — is the ideal game for all of the doodlers out there. Its environments are made out of paper and ink, and its characters resemble a schoolboy’s daydreams of badassness. Not only that, but it’s created around the atypical “battle to the death” theme, wherein several players use whatever means necessary to come out victorious in dangerous deathmatches.

What you’ll see in the above trailer for this PS4 exclusive is exactly what you’d expect. That is, a bunch of crudely drawn characters bearing cuss-branded clothing shooting, hitting and generally murdering each other on black-and-white battlefields. Anything the boy (the creator, if you will) draws becomes a battleground, and his character creations are certainly unique. As such, you can expect to be able to use a basketball player and his trusty b-ball to damage your unruly foes if you so choose. Then again, maybe the sadistic squirrel or anti-establishment punk rocker types will become your favourites. Who knows.

I’ve watched parts of the trailer for a second time, and I’m still not sure of what to think of Drawn to Death. It certainly looks interesting, but its arena-shooter combat doesn’t come off as being particularly amazing; at least, not in this early look.

Check it out above and let us know what you think via our comments section below.