Dawn Of Fantasy Gets A Complementary Fan Kit

To celebrate the upcoming launch of their RTSMMORPG, Dawn of Fantasy505 Games has announced the release of a complementary fan kit. Its contents will allow fans to create their own DoF-themed site.

The fan kit contains:

-4 tileable background patterns
-7 blank 800×160 banner templates
-4 frame sets, divided into repeatable edges and corners for variable sizes
-3 blank button templates, with “on” versions for buttons selected or hovered over
-Selections of concept artwork from each Dawn of Fantasy race
-Various Logos for 505 Games, Reverie World Studios, and Dawn of Fantasy
-Transparent renders of key Dawn of Fantasy campaign characters
-Collection of screenshots ideal for starting a site gallery
-Box Cover Artwork
-The official Fact Sheet, an overview of Dawn of Fantasy

Dawn of Fantasy is a persistent online real-time strategy game set in the robust land of Mythador, where players much choose from one of three distinct races as they vie for power and control. Each race has its own unique story arcs and history with the other two, making for a different story and gameplay features for each unique race. Build your villages into empires, cast powerfully devastating magic against your foes and utilize fantastical allies like ogres and dragon mercenaries to lay siege to your opponents and reign supreme in Mythador!

You can download the kit here. Let us know if you’ll be checking it out.

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