Dawngate Is EA’s Free-To-Play Venture Into The MOBA Space

Electronic Arts is set to take a bold step into the multiplayer online battle arena later this year with Dawngate, a story-driven experience from the creative minds at Waystone Games.

Judging from the released trailer, Dawngate will set out to capture the frantic, hyper-kinetic nature of the MOBA ecosystem. Taking many cues from League of Legends in the gameplay department — including champions, minions and a set number of lanes — Waystone Games’ forthcoming title has been described as a meta game, thereby allowing you to switch between characters with you and your friends.

Not only that, EA also placed an emphasis on community-driven content which will weave its way into the world of Dawngate through in-game quests and additional content. Moreover, EA has trumpeted the integral role of beta players and expressed how their feedback has helped nurture the nascent title to its release.

In truth, Waystone Games’ free-to-play title has been simmering in a beta stage for quite some time, and the game itself has been in the public sphere since April 2013. However, given that EA dedicated a substantial amount of stage time to Dawngate, it looks like the game will see a full release sooner rather than later.

EA has opened the proverbial gates for beta sign up over on its official website, with a full commercial release for Dawngate expected before the end of 2014.