Day-One Update For The Witcher III: Wild Hunt To Target Framerate Drops And Other Bugs


CD Projekt Red’s open-world opus isn’t due to arrive until next week, but already early reviews have been popping up online for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt with the general consensus being overwhelmingly positive. One caveat to this pre-emptive buzz, however, is the framerate issues that seem to be affecting the PlayStation 4 version of the game, and the Polish dev has assured fans that these performance dips will be rectified through the threequel’s day-one patch.

Taking to Twitter, Community Co-ordinator Marcin Momot noted that the mandatory update will take aim at the framerate problems, along with other bugs that have surfaced across the game’s colossal fantasy world.

It’s not uncommon for a title of this size to encounter performance issues prior to release, and we’re pleased to report that CD Projekt Red appear to have nipped the problem on the bid save Wild Hunt‘s release inadvertently mimicking Skyrim‘s debut on PlayStation 3 four years ago.

Launching on May 19 for all platforms, fans can actually pre-load the game digitally before its midnight launch. Weighing in at 35GB in size (according to the PlayStation Store, that is), downloading Wild Hunt ahead of time will ensure that both the game and aforementioned patch are installed and raring to go when the clock strikes midnight on Monday night.

Keep your eyes peeled for our own review of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt next week, after we’ve sufficient time exploring the rolling hills of the Northern Kingdoms as Geralt of Rivia.