Daybreak Unveils “Big Damn Patch” For MMO Zombie Title H1Z1


Daybreak Game Company has outlined the latest – and likely biggest – patch for MMO zombie title H1Z1, which has been billed by the studio as a “big damn patch.”

The full breakdown can be viewed down below, with the update introducing a series of fixes to gameplay mechanics and zombie spawns, not to mention clamping down on general bugs. Server optimization is also a target of the patch, with a new male character model also making its way into the popular title.

Despite experiencing its fair share of problems in what proved to be a turbulent foray into Steam’s Early Access, H1Z1 has found an audience to call its own, with Sony announcing that the game has sold 1 million copies to date. It’s unclear exactly when the studio plan to give the MMO a fully-fledged release, though we fully expect Daybreak’s title to remain in Early Access until the dev irons out the vast majority of the technical kinks.

Tell us, have you experienced any issues with H1Z1 since it launched in January? Regale us with your experiences down below.

New Male character model is available.
The Dam area has been given a major overhaul.
Battle Royale starting area has been updated.
Current Grid position is now shown on-screen (like BR). Hand drawn map has basic grid markers.
Added a new equip slot for the face.
Fixed Bug – player will now exit a vehicle towards the same side on which they are seated.
Fixed bug where player could sometimes get injured when moving off a rock.
Fixed a lot of erroneous terrain bugs that have caused objects to float including cars, campsites and other smaller objects.
Added a small improvement to placing free placed items, preventing them from being able to clip through walls.
Server optimizations made to the body sim.
Zombies will now wear the lootable hats and helmets they have in their inventory. They will carry weapons. Note: They do not the wear lootable shirts or pants yet.
Pickup Truck first person interior has been enhanced.
R380 pistol added to game, it is a high fire rate, low caliber pocket pistol. The R380 can be found in BR and around the world in the core game
12GA Shotgun damage increased.