Daydreamer: Awakened Edition For Xbox One Canned; PS4 Edition Arrives Next Week


In a bit of unfortunate news, Atlus announced today that Daydreamer: Awakened Edition will no longer be releasing on the Xbox One. The title will still be hitting the PlayStation 4, however, and will launch on July 12.

Developed by Roland Studios, Daydreamer was originally released for Windows PC back in August 2015. The reworked Awakened Edition has been slated for several different release dates on both Xbox One and PS4, but is only now locked in for launch on one of the consoles. Atlus offered no reasoning as to why the Xbox version was canned.

For the unaware, Daydreamer is, somehow, on the stranger side of Atlus published products. Set in a world far removed from our own, players take control of the last human on Earth. Kept in stasis following the hostile alien takeover of the planet, our hero is awakened by the mysterious Immortal Gate Keeper. Sent on a mission to get to the Earth’s core, the aliens that originally captured you will stop at nothing to reclaim you.

What draws me to the title is not the gameplay, which is reminiscent of classic shoot ’em ups, but rather the twisted visuals. The alien designs look generally off-putting, and the levels look surprisingly varied for a title set during the apocalypse. Roland Studios clearly had a visual ideal in mind, and it looks like they achieved it.

Daydreamer: Awakened Edition will launch for the PlayStation 4 on July 12. The game will carry a cost of $9.99 but will be available for 20% off during release week.