Daylight Dev Zombie Studios To Close Its Doors; Blacklight: Retribution Set To Live On



After more than twenty years of service, Spec Ops and Daylight dev Zombie Studios has closed down.

The Seattle-based studio made the announcement through its dedicated site, thanking fans for their continued support over the years all the while assuring those Blacklight: Retribution devotees that the FPS will continue to be supported by a new company called Builder Box.

Formed from the remnants of Zombie Studios, this new-fangled dev team will include the likes of the director of production and technical director from the now-defunct company. But as for Zombie, it looks to be that Daylight — a rather underwhelming horror title from 2014 — will stand as its swan song. Here’s the message that the company released following yesterday’s news.

“It has been awesome working with all the various technology over the years, both hardware and software, growing with the industry and our fans, and producing fun games and technology of our own. [However] the owners of Zombie Studios are retiring, and wish to thank you, our fans for the years of support you have provided us. The new studio is comprised of past Zombie employees that put their hearts into Blacklight, and we have no doubts will continue to do so.”

Throughout the course of its history, Zombie worked with an array of notable publishers including the likes of Bethesda, Konami, Ubisoft, and Activision. During this time, the revered dev produced no less than thirty games for every major console, including Super Bubble Pop, Blackwater and a series of installments into the aforementioned Spec Ops franchise.

Those players who still enjoy regular bouts of action in Blacklight: Retribution will be pleased to note that the cyberpunk title will continue to be supported, but for all of the Zombie Studios staff affected by this closure, we wish them the very best for the future.

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