Daylight Urges Us To Avoid Looking Back


Imagine being trapped inside of an abandoned hospital, wherein something just doesn’t feel right. All of the lights are out, debris is strewn about, and weird occurrences keep happening, but all you have on you for constant light is your cellphone.

The aforementioned plot summary describes the premise of Zombie Studios’ Daylight, a disturbing-looking first-person survival horror title. Expected to hit PC and PlayStation 4 in “Early 2014,” it looks to be shaping up pretty well, and will hopefully bring a new meaning to the term, “Bump in the night.”

Below, we have Atlus’ first gameplay trailer for Daylight, which comes bearing “Don’t Look Back” as its ominous subtitle. We won’t spoil the video for you, though, so make sure to take a look at it before letting us know your thoughts, via our comments section.

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