New Dead Or Alive 5 Trailer Shows Off Tag Team Mode

I always regret not paying as much attention to Dead or Alive 5 as much as other fighting games. To be fair, all my experiences with the franchise ended with me getting my ass handed to me. One thing’s for certain though, the game certainly looks fantastic, as evidenced in this new trailer.

The trailer shows off how slick the battle will look when partnering up with a friend. I had forgotten how smooth things can be if you’ve got two experienced folks behind the controls. I can guarantee this isn’t how it looks when I’m playing. Me playing involves a lot more cursing, awkward steps and punches to nothing from across the map when I meant to hit a different button.

Guess I should find my old copy of the last game. Should probably brush up on my skills by the time Dead or Alive 5 releases in September.

Until then, enjoy the trailer.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.