Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Confirmed For PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360


Yesterday, Team NINJA confirmed that Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game will be published by Tecmo Koei America this Fall and will be available in digital download and retail form. It will contain new modes, stages, fighters and additional content derived from the Ninja Gaiden series.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is a great addition to our franchise,” said Yosuke Hayashi, Team NINJA leader. “The game has a lot to offer and we’re excited that our fans will have the opportunity to enjoy an experience that delivers on our signature high energy fighting entertainment.”

New game modes from Dead or Alive 5 Plus, including “Move Detail Plus,” and a tutorial to allow players to hone their skills, will be added to the game. Stages will be set around the world and range from classic fan favorites to new locations taken from the Ninja Gaiden series, such as Sky City Tokyo, and contain a new assortment of danger zones.

One of the more anticipated additions is the inclusion of Ninja Gaiden’s Momiji who uses the Aikijutsu fighting style, taught to her by Ryu Hayabusa. Additional new characters plan to be introduced by Team NINJA at a later date.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will continue to feature online battles, which allows players to compete amongst each other, as well as watch competitive matches in order to increase their proficiency. Multiple single player modes, in addition to a compelling story mode, will also be included.

More information about Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be released by Team Ninja in the coming months. We’ll keep you posted.