Dead By Daylight A Binding Of Kin DLC Release Date Announced

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight‘s next major update, A Binding of Kin, now has a final release date and, even better, fans don’t have long to wait at all.

Announcing the good news over on Twitter, developer Behaviour Interactive confirmed with an ominous teaser trailer that The Twins (real names Charlotte and Victor Deshayes) will be joining the asymmetrical multiplayer title’s ever-growing list of killers tomorrow, December 1st. The brother and sister duo, conjoined since being born in the 17th century (and remarkably healthy-looking for 300 year-olds), have grown to hate their fellow man over the years after suffering multiple lifetimes of persecution for their deformity.

Unlike Scream‘s Ghostface and Silent Hill‘s Pyramid Head, The Twins are an original creation and the first to essentially be two playable characters in one. Featuring a unique mechanic that allows you to switch between control of both Charlotte and Victor, the newcomers certainly promise to provide a novel gameplay experience for fans of the killer role and you can see below for last week’s release date teaser.

As with all post-launch content of this nature, A Binding of Kin will be free to download upon its arrival for PC and consoles and also includes playable survivor Élodie Rakoto, who has her own suite of unique abilities. As far as maps go, Behaviour has opted to rework some older arenas rather than risk bloating the existing pool with even more locales, though it remains to be seen how extensive these renovations will be.

For additional details about tomorrow’s Dead by Daylight update, including lore entries for The Twins and Rakoto, hit the link below and be sure to let us know in the comments section if you’ll be diving into the new DLC.