Dead Island 2 Showcases First Wonderfully Violent Gameplay Trailer


With Gamescom, 2014 now in full swing, Yager Development — the creative minds behind the provocative first-person shooter, Spec Ops: The Line — has unveiled the first gameplay trailer for the forthcoming open-world zombie game, Dead Island 2.

Ditching the sombre, more serious tone of the first game in the series, Dead Island 2 appears to be a much more light-hearted and, quite frankly, balls to the wall take on a zombie apocalypse. That said, the game does place an emphasis on creative killing, as the trailer below testifies in rather grizzly fashion.

Taking place in the blood-drenched streets of sunny California, the footage also highlights some of the in-game weapons players will no doubt need against the hordes of undead — be they Mr. Freeze-styled ice guns or, the customary axe for slicing and dicing.

Dead Island 2 will shuffle its undead corpse onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in spring of 2015, and we’ll keep you updated regarding all the news about Yager Development’s maiden entry into the franchise as it appears.