Dead Island: Definitive Collection Announced; Will Include 3 Games


Well, the rumours were true: Dead Island is getting the remaster treatment, and will be re-released this spring as part of a package called Dead Island: Definitive Collection. Bland moniker aside, it’s shaping up to be a content-packed and budget-friendly release.

Combining the original Dead Island and its stand-alone expansion, Dead Island: Riptide, this improved upon collection promises notable updates, including:

Higher quality textures
Photorealistic new lighting system
Physically-based shading
Image quality enhancements via anti-aliasing
Improved game models and environmental assets
HBAO and motion blur effects
Updated user interface
Current-gen console perks (4-player online co-op, PS Vita Remote Play, Share Play, streaming/recording and achievements/trophies)

That’s not all, though, as the fan-favourite Power Fists Power-Up mod will also be included, as will a brand new 16-bit game called Dead Island: Retro Revenge, which was finally detailed today after being discovered on a ratings board’s website last month. It’s said to be a “side-scrolling/endless runner action game,” with a retro look, melee combat, power-ups, super attacks and combos. That, as well as achievements, trophies and leaderboard support for those who aim for the top.

This announcement doesn’t really come as a surprise, though, given that ratings for Dead Island: Definitive Collection previously appeared in both Brazil and Australia, while a retail listing also showed up on South African retailer Loot. It’s good news, though, for all of us Dead Island fans who look forward to returning to the games’ zombified world.

Dead Island: Definitive Collection is, of course, in development for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and owns a May 31st release date. It will also be budget priced, carrying with it a fair $39.99 USD price tag.