Dead Island: Riptide Gets ‘Rigor Mortis’ Collector’s Edition

Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island: Riptide has officially received a collector’s edition today properly called the “Rigor Mortis Edition.” As the game’s April 23rd launch date rapidly approaches, this news only serves to make us even more excited for the release.

The contents of the “Rigor Mortis Edition” include a zombie hula girl bobble figurine, a decaying zombie bottle arm opener magnet, and a branded wood keychain. Players will also get their hands on the Special Edition that comes packed with a vast array of DLC content, and a digital strategy map. When you’re not surviving the hordes of zombies, you can store all of your loot in the replica suitcase that encases your “Rigor Mortis” goodies for $80.

If you have been following Deep Silver’s plans for Dead Island: Riptide, then you’ll be aware that all of this content was determined by tens of thousands of votes that came from Dead Island fans in a Fall 2012 survey.

The newest Dead Island game will include character-import options for fans that want to be able to continue the game with their characters from the original.  Co-op will play an even more critical role in gameplay as friends will need to hold the line in territory defense missions against entirely new zombie hordes. New gameplay mechanics, driveable boats, and an entirely new character class should help to make for a fresh zombie slaying experience.

Be sure to go pre-order your copy now, and tell us whether your vote actually made a difference in determining the contents of the “Rigor Mortis” edition of Dead Island: Riptide. Personally, I voted for the zombie hula girl and bottle opener, so I’m pretty happy indeed.

Let us know what you voted for in the comments below!