Dead Rising 3 Blows Us Away With New GamesCom Trailer And Screens

Los Perdidos

By signing an agreement to make Dead Rising 3 an Xbox One exclusive launch title, Microsoft has secured itself one of the industry’s best-looking in-development titles. That was made clear from the start, thanks to the release of great-looking promotional media, but an exclamation point was recently added onto things via the halls of GamesCom. How so? Through the debut of several fantastic screenshots and one badass CG cutscene trailer, starring the game’s brand new protagonist and a machine-gun toting female ally.

Shown below, the above-mentioned Dead Rising 3 image gallery is ripe with things to drool over, whether it be detailed visuals, varied enemy types, or zombie-related carnage. Though, despite how impressive all of the screens are, they’re outdone by the story-based trailer, with its action-packed content, realistic hair physics and noteworthy attention to detail. We can thank the award-winning Blur Studio for that, though, as Capcom Vancouver enlisted their help on the project.

Take a look below, then let us know what you think in the comments section.