Dead Rising 3 Rumors Include Mechanics And Illegal Immigration

It seems Capcom may not have learnt their lesson from all the racist comments made about killing Africans in Resident Evil 5, if recent rumors about a supposed new entry into the Dead Rising series are to be believed.

Rumors have surfaced that Capcom is working on a new sandbox zombie game, and this time around the game will take place in the fictional town of Los Perdidos, California. The game will follow Rick, who is a mechanic seeking a way to get the heck out of town when the zombie invasion crashes down. Rick must find and repair a plane to escape before the town is eradicated by bombs.

The interesting part comes in the form of “illegal infected,” which are said to be infected individuals who aren’t registered by the government. Which doesn’t sound like it’ll cause a ruckus at all!

Keep in mind that these are all rumors at this point, so this could all just be an elaborate ruse from someone who knows how rumors work. Personally, I think I’ll hold off until Capcom realizes that everyone just wants to play as Frank West, and re-release the game. After all, he’s covered wars ya know.

What say you, gamers? Ready to return to the zombie conspiracy?