Dead Rising 4: Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack Available Now On Xbox One; PC In Early 2017


As if Dead Rising 4 wasn’t already festive enough, Capcom’s first DLC offering for the zombie slaying sequel introduces a great deal more Christmas themed gear for Frank West to batter the undead with. As of today, the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack is now available to purchase for all owners of the game on Xbox One, and will set you back a modest $4.99. For those that own the Dead Rising 4 Deluxe Edition or the game’s Season Pass, it can be downloaded free of charge. Sadly, if you’re on PC, you’ll have to wait until “early 2017” for the new content to arrive.

As for what’s included, the trailer (above) shows off three brand new combo weapons that Frank can create, including Santa’s Little Melter, a motorbike that comes equipped with reindeer horns and machine guns. Fancy. If you prefer to do combat with the undead on a more personal level, then the Lights Out and Candy Pain weapons will be right up your alley.

The former is a simple baseball bat wrapped in Christmas tree lights, while the latter is a comically large candy cane with a sledgehammer head and grenades affixed to the top. As an added touch of authenticity, the zombie horde is getting in on the festivities too, having been dressed up as elves, gingerbread men, reindeer and snowmen.

The Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack is just the start of Dead Rising 4‘s post-launch onslaught of DLC, however, with new content promised throughout 2017. Among that is Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, which promises an “all-new way for players to experience Frank’s story in Dead Rising 4.” For a sneak peek of that add-on, fast forward to the final few seconds of the above trailer.

Besides all of the above, Capcom also intends to provide those looking for an added challenge two new difficulty levels for Story Mode, making resources far more scarce and less efficient. Expect more specific details in the new year.