Dead Space 2: ‘Multiplayer Was The Most Requested Feature’

Executive producer of EA’s horror fest Dead Space 2, Steve Papoutsis has revealed that a multiplayer mode for the sequel Dead Space 2 was the most requested addition by its eager fans. “Multiplayer was the most requested feature for Dead Space 2. Numerous people wanted to be able to experience Dead Space with their friends after finishing the single player story” he said speaking in an interview with GamerZines.

“Given that feedback we wanted to deliver a game that our players would enjoy and listening to what they listed as the number one feature addition made sense.”

When multiplayer was originally revealed for the sequel of the 2008 surprise hit, it was greeted with hesitation and concern by most games journalists and gamers. This was understandable since we’re been burned in the past by predominantly single player games taking on multiplayer features. Since then however it has been allaying those fears with the gaming community. Those lucky to have got their mitts on the multiplayer have been impressed with how well it seems to be coming together, especially when it comes to controlling the Necromorphs, though we won’t get a full taste of the multiplayer horror until the game releases in late January.

So is it fan service or is it just box ticking by EA? Let us know what you think in the comments. Either way as long as the single player is as good as its predecessor I don’t think fans will be complaining.

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