Dead Space 2 Releases Visceral New Trailer

If you’re like me and you loved EA’s action horror game Dead Space with an unholy limb tearing passion, you’ll probably be following what looks to be an even better, scarier, zero G experience in Dead Space 2.

This trailer sheds some more light on the legion of Necromorphs, the bloodthirsty symbiotic parasite aliens that have us firmly on the top of the menu. It also shows us exactly what we want to see, fiery trains, Necromorphs being Necromorphs, some space jumping action and some very unfriendly scenes involving what looks to be Isaac’s wife, as well as a lot of blood and gore.

For those just joining Isaac in his horrifying tale of isolation, a religion very reminiscent of scientology thinks that a mysterious artifact dug up from a distant planet is a god send and soon is revealed to be the hivemind of a race known as “Necromorphs”. It’s a great game for any enthusiast of horror, action or both.

Dead Space 2 drags us shooting and screaming on January 25th 2011 on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3