Dead Space 3 Logo And Screenshot Emerge From Stasis

From the outer reaches of space, or more accurately VG247, comes what appears to be the logo and first screenshot for Dead Space 3. A welcomed break from the claustrophobic corridors where Issac Clarke usually resides, the screenshot shows what one would assume is him thrusting his way through space, clad in his characteristic RIG suit with gun in hand.

Information on the series re-entry has been uncovered before, with the somewhat controversial mention of co-op and some rather dramatic gameplay changes, but this screenshot looks set to leave its own mark. Whilst not expressly confirming the rumoured Hoth-like setting of the game, I wouldn’t be too surprised to find an ice laden planet beneath those atmospheric clouds, as that seems to be what the game’s frozen logo is hinting at.

With E3 drawing ever closer, it seems likely that we will be hearing from Issac rather soon. As someone who has been found whimpering at the hands of the previous two games, and has been rather worryingly missing the act of dismemberment since Dead Space 2, I can’t wait to hear more about the latest vision from Visceral Games.

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