Dead Space 3 To Utilize Kinect Voice Control On Xbox 360

Apparently video games share the human ability/curse of going through puberty, since Dead Space 3 is slowly gaining more and more gameplay tweaks to the tried and true formula. It has recently been announced that co-op gameplay can also be affected through voice control if there is a Kinect present. Obviously, this only applies for the Xbox 360 version of the game, meaning that if you have friends too lazy/too scared to pick up the second controller, their screams can be utilized for something useful.

Commands such as “share ammo” or “give Stasis” will let the two players share items they acquire throughout the game, something that should prove to be supremely helpful in the heat of battle. There are many more actions that the Kinect voice control can command, including healing partners, which can facilitate a new and unique type of gameplay style that may just prove to be extremely useful.

Despite the embarrassment of screaming at your television with your friend, this voice control aspect could create a whole new style for playing games with friends that hasn’t been seen before. There have been attempts to have gamers serve as support to the big players, but not with their voices. This will all depend on how well the Kinect can sense what is being said, how quickly it responds, and if it responds correctly. A glitchy mechanic would be a damn shame for such an ambitious idea.

Fans will have to wait until February 2013 to get their hands on Dead Space 3, but with the addition of Kinect voice control, it’s shaping up to be a necessary addition to our libraries. Is anybody else excited to give this new mechanic a try? And who is just plain ready for the third entry in the terrifying series to be released? Let us know what you’re most stoked about in the comments below!

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