Dead Space 3 Video Details Weapon Crafting Component

Whilst there is certainly room for debate as to whether or not Dead Space 3 has lost some of the fear the franchise was founded on, one can’t deny that it will introduce many new and intriguing features. One of these additions is of course the weapon crafting, and now Visceral Games have released a video targeting that specific component.

Representing a complete overhaul of the ‘Work Benches’ seen in the first two games, Dead Space 3‘s version will still allow for the weapon upgrades we are familiar with but will bring weapon crafting into the murderous mix. Using various materials that you find in the environment and from fallen enemies, you can manufacture bespoke guns broken down by part or simply recreate in-game blueprints. The level of customisation is impressive, and with a range of different projectiles and weapon types available there should be a gun or two for everyone.

In the cooperative mode you can share blueprints with your partner, mitigating the monotony of having to describe your new creation and allowing them to quickly build it themselves. Those wanting to pre-emptively have this experience of showing off their enviable evisceration devices, can do so to good effect by entering the ‘Tools of Terror’ competition for the chance to have their design featured within the game.

This feature doesn’t appear to be in-keeping with the atmosphere of the previous titles, but even my pessimism can’t detract from the fact that this aspect of Dead Space 3 seems to have been handled deftly – Judge for yourself by watching the video below:

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Source: VG247

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