Dead Space: Catalyst Prequel Novel Landing This Autumn

Dead Space has created one of those rich gaming landscapes that are worth exploring in as many media forms as possible. We have seen the graphic novel reveal of Issac’s new cooperative partner, but now EA and Tor Books are once again partnering up to deliver another Dead Space novel written by B.K. Evenson.

Occurring three hundred years in the future (prior to the events of Dead Space which occurs in 2057) Dead Space: Catalyst is the second in this series of novels. The previous novel, Dead Space: Martyr, was released in 2010 and covered the origins of the Church of Unitology as well as the “Black Marker.”

Dead Space: Catalyst, which will release on October 2nd of this year, will continue to follow the threat of the “Black Marker” through focussing upon “two brothers, one with a special but broken mind, the other forever conflicted by the impossible chore of keeping him out of trouble.”

I never read the previous book, but it was received fairly well and apparently added an appreciated depth to the Dead Space universe. It will be interesting to see how Visceral Games’ vision of a horrific future will be translated onto the page, and whether transmedia efforts like this will be able to add a little more nuance to the Necromorph threat.

Source: Joystiq