Dead Space Writer Teasing Big Reveal For PS5 Event

Dead Space

Fans of Visceral Games’ Dead Space series have reason to tune in and watch Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 event, it seems.

No, this sadly isn’t confirmation of EA’s plans to resurrect or remaster the beloved survival horror trilogy but it could well prove to be the next best thing. Writer Antony Johnston, who worked on a number of titles in the franchise, has confirmed that their next big project is going to be revealed during the aforementioned presentation tomorrow, though declines to specify exactly what that will be. Notifying his followers on Twitter, Johnston says:

As some of you know, I’ve been working on a big videogame for almost 2 years now. In totally unrelated news, you should all watch the PS5 launch event on Thursday.

Dead Space

Okay, so the obvious question first: what’s the game? Sadly, we haven’t the foggiest idea, though considering it’ll be making an appearance as part of Sony’s showcase, it’s clearly something that’ll demonstrate the power of next-gen hardware. It’s not impossible that this could be either a sequel to Dead Space 3 or some sort of remake, but neither is getting hit by an asteroid and both have about the same likelihood of coming to fruition. EA still owns the Dead Space IP, meaning if it had any news to share on that front, it’d be via the publisher’s own EA Play event rather than a third party.

What’s more, we’ve heard not so much as a peep – either from leaks or official sources – of such a thing being in the works, not to mention that Johnston, whose contributions to Dead Space are well known, would be the one to start teasing such a thing. No, this is something else entirely and it goes without saying that we’ll be watching with attentive eyes to catch a glimpse of whatever it is that Johnston’s spent the last two years working on.

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