Dead World Isn’t The Sequel To Dead Island, At Least Not For Now

Whether you were one of the proud few who enjoyed playing Dead Island and battling hordes of zombies (along with game glitches galore) or not, it was a success in the sales department. So a sequel must be in the works, right? Well it seems the developers at Techland are declining that the aptly titled Dead World they trademarked recently, is an actual sequel to Dead Island.

Even if they don’t want to admit it yet, the developers can’t deny that Dead World will basically be the same concept as their previous zombie game but on a slightly larger scale. This is obvious by the name alone.

Maybe they don’t want buyers and critics to associate Dead World with the mangled mess that Dead Island ultimately was. Either way, until Techland makes an official announcement everything is still in speculation mode.

Expect more upcoming news on Dead Island‘s spiritual successor to rear its ugly zombified head in the immediate future.